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The bridge image also pays homage to Kerry Livgren's song, "Incident On A Bridge", from the Kansas album, Drastic Measures, which says, "Awaiting the consequence, I don't believe in accidents."

"Drives by" plays on drive by shootings as an image of the "haste" with which our society rushes past Life on our way to death. As an additional word play, the accent on "by" is the 'buy' of the commerical creed of our civilization. The mechanical flavor of the word "drives" plays on the technological society the allegory depicts.

"Asphalt waste" is the city, the symbol of human power. Compared to a forest or meadow, where every inch pulses with life, the city is indeed a desert. It is also interesting that we cover the living earth with the biproduct of the once-living.

"Covers" plays on the city paving over nature, and also on the idea of 'covering' someone else's song, ie. that the night life of the city is a cheap knockoff of the Song of Life, Jesus.

"Evening's song" is the call of infinity one experiences standing under a night sky burning with stars.

"Misted autumn stains" is that the memories the music brings forth are now seen in the light of something headed toward winter, toward the earth where the seed must go into the ground before the plant can arise. The imagery is intended to allude to tears. It also plays on crushed moths.

In the allegory it serves to put the young builder's experience into a timeframe later songs will work around.

"Find my pulse" is that once I was lost, but now am found, was dead but now I live. I unite my former hunger for Truth with the Answer I now possess.

As an aside, having made such a politically incorrect statement as that above, unitarianism is at root the outgrowth of cynicism at ever being able to find Truth, since the nature of Truth is an ancient topic of hot debate. So our enlightened modern thinkers cop out, and try to avoid any heavy lifting by saying all ideologies are aspects of the same thing, that all religion is merely different ways of stating the same Truth.

But it is dreadfully obvious that this does ultimate violence to the very concept of Truth, since it equates the doctrine that human beings are meaningless low temperature biochemical reactors with the doctrine that human beings are eternal spirits created in the image of God. Any standard which believes these two views are essentially the same is not worthy of the least measure of respect.

The atheist might take this as a victory, saying they only believe in objective fact rather than 'superstition'. Sadly, this is essentially the doctrine of a pig, going about dismissing anything it cannot root with it's snout.

"Haunts of old refrains" ties to "meaning my sleeping could not provide" in Awake. I suddenly realize I had never understood the songs I'd heard all my life, never comprehended the reality that upholds the material world.

"Open your heart" to the voice of God all around you. The quasars and atoms, the great and the small, shout to those with ears which hear that existence is certainly not an accident, that everything did not spring from nothing for no reason.

"Your secret goal" is the meaning of your life. You are not here by chance. This also ties to Silence of Crowds, and to Four Walls.

"Through Jesus to harmony" is a call for unity in the Body of Christ, which includes a wise relationship with the people and environment around us. Nature is not Gaia. Nature is not god, not some cosmic conciousness. Nature is God's gift to humanity, and the stage of the Great Drama. But without Jesus it is nothing more than the rule of tooth and claw.

"I run" in the allegory is the young builder leaving the underground.

"Bowing fields" is grass bending in the wind, bowing to those given dominion on this earth.

"Primal bloom" is the fruit of the Tree of Life, lost to us through Adam's treason, when he chose to instead eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

"The weave" is the interrelationships of nature, testimony to the fact that they had to come about at once in order to attain the balance that maintains life on this sphere. Incrementalism is not a sustainable hypothesis for the existence around us. It also plays on the web of deception and sin that hides God's face from us.

"The warp" plays on "loom" and on the fact that the natural world is in a fallen state, i.e. bent. Yet even through the distortions the structure of the tapestry reveals the form of the loom, and it's Weaver.

"Window open wide" is eyes that see, is stepping from the cave into the real expanse of life.

"Design" is that the cosmos testifies of the Creator, making it a " shrine " to Him.

"Set aside" is that in our culture the testimony of the cosmos on the existence of God is a word we refuse to receive. In other words, our blindness is intentional.

"Awake" ties to the song, Awake. This is not some new age fable about uncovering the god within us, but rather the return to the union with God which humanity had in the Garden of Eden.

"Mystic corridor" is the strait gate, the narrow way; Jesus as the only road to God. There is no Truth that does not flow from Jesus. This is mystic because these things are spiritually discerned.

"Ways we've gone" are the choices humanity has made to go it alone without God. The "we" here refers to the same people who made the "asphalt wastes".

"Earth and Heaven's shore" hints at the metaphor of the river Styx used in the song's bridge. The idea here is that the ways we choose have significance not only in this life, but in the Life Everlasting.

"River's old face" plays on the image of the river Styx descending into the underworld. The idea here is that our old person has died and descended into Hell with Jesus, and risen anew with Him into the life nourished by the river of living water that flows from under the throne of God.

"Who dreams" of the return of the King.

"Depth of the sky" is the reflection of infinity represented by the sky reflected in deep water.

"Lifts up" plays on the image of lifting holy hands to God.

"Living branches" is the tree that is planted by the rivers of water.

"Though anchored" is that true life, genuine freedom, is not being blown about like a dead leaf, but is being branches of the True Vine.

This passage begins on the wind. It moves down to the surface of the water that mirrors the infinite sweep of the sky. Then we follow the water as it soaks down into the earth. Living things draw that water up again, and we leap back into the sky.

The image I am trying to communicate is that as the rain returns to the earth only to rise again, we draw our spirit from God our Source, and will one day return with that gift to the Source to be judged for our stewardship. If we chose in this life to live apart from God, we will be forced to live that chosen separation for eternity. If we chose in this life to lay the gift of our spirit at His feet, we will live that union with Jesus forever. Regardless of our choice, we will return to the Source and face the Reckoning.

As a bit of an aside, it could be objected that the water cycle metaphor is more appropriate for a reincarnation worldview, and on some level this criticism would be accurate. Where reality parts from this metaphor is that we are not commodity items like water which is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen no matter where it exists. We are individuals of eternal significance.

Connect this image to Revelation chapter 22, verses 1 and 2.

"And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was the Tree of Life, which bore twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the Tree were for the healing of the nations."

In verse 1 we see the river of the water of Life and in verse 2 the Tree of Life that lines it's banks.

"Composer of infinity"

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