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Psalms 91
© October 1991, Roy Stucky

Those who stay
In the secret way of the Most High
Are kept safe
In the shadowed place of the Almighty.

I will say of the LORD;
He is my palace,
My God and my fortress -
In Him I place all my trust.

   (Jesus to woman)

God will deliver you
From the hunter's snare,
The plague's foul air,
And bullets on the avenue.

Under His wings you'll be concealed
From those who'd grind you to dust.
Because He promised you'll trust
His Truth to be your shield.

You'll not fear the terror by night
Nor the bullet that flies in the day.
You'll escape the plague's decay
And the carnage that kills in the light.

You'll be far from the sword
Though a thousand die at your side.
In the midst of genocide
Your eyes alone know the wicked's reward.

Because you've made the LORD
Who's My refuge your home too,
No evil will fall upon you,
Nor any plague come near your door.

God will send angels to guard you,
Protect you wherever you go.
They'll see you through,
You'll possess your soul
As you trample lions and vipers,
Dragons the blinded don't know.

   (Father to Jesus)

I'll free this one from shame
Because she loves You and I.
I'll set her on high
Because she's known My name.

When she calls I won't deny her,
In her troubles I'll be there.
With long life I'll satisfy her
And deliver her from despair.

I'll give her honor and revelation.
I'll show her My Salvation.


Psalms 91 is that she has moved out of the protection of her prison cell into the peace of the palace of the Lord. The security she bought at the price of no longer feeling anything has been replaced by trust in the ability and desire of the Most High to shield her from every danger and to open her to every good thing.