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The road of discovering evil is not merely in the world but also within us, in a form we cannot rectify by human strength, leads to the bridge of questioning the reason for continuing to live. At such a moment life seems colorless and cold, the enemy in the mirror eclipsing the friend. Too many never cross, and all of Life suffers their loss.

The gift of God in Christ is a sunrise that shows us the reflection of the infinite worth God places on each of us. Rather than dying, why not consider yourself dead, and live entirely for others? If you are dead, what do you need for yourself? What sacrifice is too great for a dead person to take on? And if you live to give, you may find that death will no longer appear like an escape, and instead comes to resemble theft; for such it is.

Once you see your life as intended to give to those younger or less fortunate, you can at last strike a balance between egoism and self-loathing because you now see yourself in context, where no success is too grand nor any deed too insignificant.

This moonlight reveals my emptiness, while the moonlight of the counterpoint in The Signature reveals the fulness of God all around me.

Salvation is usually something less dramatic than being knocked to the ground by a light from Heaven. In the darkness of despair he cries out to God, and God responds. However, this does not renew his rational mind. The initial light is cold and without color as he finally looks at the sum of his life.

Indeed, I see everything now. How foolish I have been. Jesus accepts me. Good. But what reason is there for staying in this world instead of going home to be with Him? The children, both physical and spiritual. Those dancing 'innocents' are going to be facing the predators that have worn me down. Now that I have experienced God caring for me, I cannot help but care what happens to the little ones. Will I leave them to stand alone? I'll be going home soon enough. In the meantime there is so much evil, so little good; so many evil people, so few good ones.

"Weep without tears" for the wreck I've made of my life. Even my sorrow is parched.

"Where's the reason" is not only a Hamlet-like line. The 'light' of the modern world is the denial of God. If God is removed from consideration, where is the meaning in life? If I, and the cosmos, are a causeless effect, an accident of nature who ceases to exist when he dies, what is the point of anything? How can good or evil have any genuine measure? Doing the greatest 'good' for the greatest number is less than a miserable substitute for God, for The Word. Why shouldn't I be a predator, and take whatever I can get away with? Without God, might makes right because winning in this world is the only thing there is. Morality indeed becomes the weakness people like Nietzsche and later the Nazi regime mocked because it constrains one's efforts to win. God is far more than a brand of morality, but morality without God is a vapor, a mirage floating without foundation. But even winning in this world has no point, for pleasures soon grow stale and distractions boring. And then you die.

"Parthenon" as a symbol of a once-lovely ruin, as well as yet another Greek image.

"Empty sea" is that without God, the cosmos is a hollow joke.
Note this in no way implies death is actually the end of our personal journey. 'Empty' is being used here to indicate there is no ship or shore in sight. To die unsaved is to step into eternal torment, not rest. To die in Christ is to step into a blessed eternity. Neither destination is non-existence.

"A man alone" is human isolation and how we must face God.

"Leaving only leaves a hole" is that death is a theft from all who continue living on Earth.

"What seemed so right" to human wisdom.

"Murmured" is God's perspective. spoken through nature.

"Dance in the sun" is that the night is ending, the hope represented by the sun is rising.

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