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"Clamor for harmony" says the human standard of unity, like this line, is an oxymoron.

"Thinkers" are those who see unity coming through reason. Humanism and Scientism fall under this category.

"Thieves" are those who see unity coming through shoving people, especially children, through their mold, thus cultivating conformity.  Facism and Communism fall under this category.

"Don't know where to begin" is that the thinkers and thieves still struggle, as they have for millenia, to come up with a plan that sounds like it has the slightest chance of removing fierce conflict from society.  They squabble over the causes and nature of conflict, let alone how to go about solving anything.

"The lorry is smoking" is that society is a lumbering truck rolling down the broad path to destruction.  But the truck isn't working very well.  This also stands as a symbol in that one of the early methods of Nazi genocide was to pipe truck exhaust into the gas chambers. But things will become more efficiently bad, as exhaust was replaced by Zyklon.

"But please come on in" is that we are called on to join our fate to the destination of society.  In this inclusive culture, standing apart is viewed as the great sin, intolerance.

"There's room if you would hold your tongue" is that you can't ride if you're going to make trouble.

"We're in this together" is the justification for demanding conformity.

"The seat for believers is back in the bus" is that Christians are practically the only group left who's sensativities may be trampelled with impunity.  The condescending attitude shot through media portrayals of Christians would not be permitted against any other minority.

"Map now unfolded's a mystery to us" is that human guidelines created to skirt around God's Word have thus far proven obscure and inaccurate.  Further, humanity is so inept we cannot even figure out how to fold the map up again.

"But don't you tell us how it's done" is that the apriori reason for mocking Christian guidelines is that they are Christian, and so must be laughable.

"Don't look to the people for any reward" is that we must look to God for approval instead of to people.

"Don't think they'll give thanks for the Word of the Lord" when that Word is repent and take Jesus as your Lord, when that Word is fornication and adultery and lying are sins.

"Season of Sword" is that Jesus is The Choice;  Lunatic or Lord.  Jesus offers us no compromise.

"The Truth will be ignored" is that Jesus said the wicked flee the light so it won't illuminate their sin.

"Dogma and doctrine" do not unite those who accept and those who reject. This also ties back to Asylumthink on the Predator album and to Tolerant People.

"Don't apply to everyone" is the modern dogma against dogma.

"Why must you keep pushing your bitter God pill" is that it seems a common misconception that Christians can abandon evangelism without violating a central doctrine of the faith.

"Your era's behind us way back in the hills" is that Christianity is considered old fashioned.  The irony of this is that many people holding this opinion are into Eastern, Babylonian, and Egyptian religions, as well as shamanism; none of which are typically associated with the word 'modern'.

"Sake of the few" is that most people will not bend their knee to the Lordship of Jesus.  Christians should be quite interested in minority rights, as of such are we.

"The rest will not think very highly of you" for saying their righteousness, in God's eyes, are filthy rags.  The proud do not like being confronted with their sin.

"The Word is a razor that's come to divide" because Truth demands acceptance or rejection. To use an illustration from a much lower level, when someone says a triangle has three sides, you either accept this as true or reject it as false. It is not put as a subjective opinion, but a matter of fact. Jesus said no one can come to God except through Him. This is either true or false. The decision on this point divides the world into those who believe this and those who don't.

"If we'll be just who we're among" is the necessity, again, to choose to follow human wisdom or God's. Like Israel taking on the idols of Egypt and then Caanan, the Church falls all too often into following the culture around us instead of going against the flow by obeying God.

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