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This song is a good example of layered meaning. One layer is the feeling of loss when a perfectly balanced moment passes, and we find ourselves again among the mundane. Another layer is just the story of a day sailing at the lake. But there are layers that lie a bit deeper. Which is, of course, a layer of its own.

"Wind"= Spirit of God.

"Scattered"= Lavishly created. God makes the rain fall on the just as well as the unjust.

"Diamonds"= We are precious carbon based life forms.

"Dancing"= We are not static objects.

"Wild"= We retain free will.

"Waves"= The ever restless yet consistently present world.

"Child in amber"= Frozen in time, in the petrified remains of a once life-carrying liquid, lives the child who became the man.

"Answers"= The child who became the man leaps for joy, responds in unpolluted ways thought long immobile and dead.

"Everything he craves"= He realizes what he has been craving, that for which he is starving, is joy.

"Laughter"= Overflow of emotion mimics the wind (Spirit).

"Turns"= See the other side.

"Faded"= It is an old story.

"Leaves"= Trees and pages, medium of the message.

"Dreams"= The abandonment of the living desires of youth.

"Simple thoughts"= When I am in harmony, my thoughts draw straight lines.

"Supple"= God's touch knows your shape intimately.

"Fingers"= Now contact is a caress instead of just a bump.

"Playing"= That caress sets my thoughts dancing like those diamonds. But instead of wildly like those sun-diamonds, playing with intent.

"Through my mind"= My thoughts become the water whose depth I sound to see how much it imitates the mind of Christ.

"Primal sailors"= From the beginning, we have sailed toward the horizons in search of what we often could not describe.

"Pushing out"= But we know there is something more, so we lay down the mundane to free our hands to lift what is precious. Like disciples did at Jesus' command, leading to a miraculous catch.

"Eyes"= Vision precedes decision precedes motion.

"Back to land"= Yet the safe and familiar never cease to sing their siren song of comfort.

"Watchers"= People of the mundane.

"Wait"= For they will not take action.

"My return"= Anticipation of regression to the mean. What goes up ....

"Water"= The Mystery.

"Touches"= Demarcation.

"Sand"= The normal, no-mystery-allowed, no nonsense world that grinds down the visions it does not understand.

"Music"= Encoding system.

"Murmurs"= The call of Wisdom is easy to ignore.

"Runes"= Message sent by the ancients.

"Mystic flames"= Is the other symbol of the Holy Spirit.

"Shore"= Where known and unknown, mysterious and mundane, meet.

"Evoking"= Calling forth a response from a preexisting faculty.

"Longing"= Realization I am incomplete.

"Sweet"= But that for which I hunger is a goodness vast as Nature.

"Sorrow-haunted"= But I am unworthy of that goodness.

"Reservoirs"= There are treasuries (remember diamonds) where mysterious wealth has been laid up for me.

"Single Moment"= In my journey over the timeless, a pinpoint of contact.

"Motions"= Opens up and displays a glimpse of home.

"Touch"= Again, contact, to cross the demarcation.

"Vision's core"= Truth. A moment caught in amber invites me to connect with Truth.

"Reach"= Make a material gesture.

"Slips"= Play on ship berth as well as synonym of 'moves'. In this world we see Jesus through a glass darkly, but in the world to come face to face.

"Beneath"= My material orientation puts me on the wrong dimensional plane.

"Cloak"= How we beg Moses to cover his face!

"Secret"= Encoded. Only the literate can read it.

"Lore"= Ancient knowledge whose instructions/directions must be deciphered, must be read, understood, and enacted.

"Ship"= Me.

"Skips"= Moves along life's surface. Connotation of child.

"Lightly"= Without thought.

"Hands"= As long as I try to control my direction.

"Full"= I cannot hold the mystery if my hands are full of the material.

"Sail"= Useless without external power of the wind (Spirit).

"Aground"= The voyage to being whole is perilous.

"Sound"= How can we learn what lies beneath the apparent? How will they hear without a Preacher?

"Deep beneath the veil"= Are we in the channel? The surface all looks the same, but what lies beneath that surface ranges from safe passage to disaster.

Unless we follow the Pilot's Word, the Bible, we cannot tell how we are to navigate life.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is death.

Did Ulysses ever forget the lethal beauty of the sirens' song? Ties to Sinai's Mountain.

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