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Your Face
© February 1990, Roy Stucky

The first time I saw your face
Your presence in this world
Was but a swelling trace in my love.

How can this be?
The eyes that don't yet see me
Smiling proudly as you swim the inner sea.
How can this be?

I've talked to you for years in my mind.
Walked through doors wonders hide behind.
But dreams could not replace
The first time I saw your face.

Will you know the years
I searched for your mother?
And how long after still I waited
For the time God consecrated?

Tonight I saw them kill Martin Luther King, again.
A mother's son plucked from the world of men.
Today I saw your face,
And his,

And wondered.


Into a true marriage comes a miracle of multiplication. Empty of wonder and dead of heart must anyone be who is not astonished to see their child's face on the sonogram screen. Or fail to wonder about that child's place in this world.

"A mother's son" ties to The Dark Wall.