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September 27, 2021


September 20, 2021

Removed homepage link to Blue Shoes
Removed Truth War page link to Blue Shoes
Blue Shoes page date to June 2022

August 15, 2021

created page for Truth War at Blue Shoes.
added Blue Shoes link to homepage and Truth War page

June 1, 2021


April 21, 2021

changed to blog/index.

July 29, 2020



June 7, 2020

mike, taylor, bnd/name, buk/lib/notes, txt/biblio.

February 11, 2020

author/index, buk/lib, trans/book graf/lib.gif.

August 24, 2019


August 18, 2019


August 12, 2019

buk/lib, author/index.

April 19, 2019

author/index, emerald/song, chalced/song.

January 30, 2019

author/index, bnd/people, buk/truth/book.

October 23, 2018


May 13, 2018

author/index, author/press, bnd/band, bnd/buy, ser/material, ser/quest, ser/wrest, buk, graf/mc3.gif

began logo shift from 63x40 to 80x50

May 5, 2018

author/index, author/press, bnd/band, bnd/buy, ser/material, ser/quest, ser/wrest, sng/perform/video, sng/porkchop/song, buk, graf, prose

November 15, 2017

bnd/buy buk/trans/book buk/trans/notes.

October 18, 2017


September 11, 2017


August 12, 2017


July 13, 2017


June 9, 2017

feel/song, secret/song. sinai/song.

August 31, 2016


bnd/people, web/news, mirrorc, index, default.



July 13, 2016


web/news, mirrorc, index, default.


info, info/info

June 27, 2016


web/news, garden/song, mirrorc, index, default.

March 23, 2016


web/news, gethsem/descript, gethsem/notes, gethsem/quotes, gethsem/song, mirrorc, index, default.

October 21, 2015


web/news, charlie/descript, charlie/quotes, ifhe/descript, mirrorc, index, default.

September 10, 2015


web/news, stra/quotes, pardon/quotes, mirrorc, index, default.

July 10, 2015


web/news, ser/wrest, mirrorc, index, default.



May 30, 2015


web/news, buk/trans/notes, ser/material, clothes/song, elect/song, emerald/song, fate/song, fofather/song, music/song, ocean/song, plains/song, redress/song, mirrorc, index, default.

May 21, 2015


web/news, bnd/buy, mirrorc, index, default.

April 29, 2015


web/news, bnd/buy, mirrorc, index, default.

April 13, 2015


web/news, shrd/quotes, void/quotes, mirrorc, index, default.

April 10, 2015


web/news, ser/quest, txt/biblio, deep/quotes, epi/quotes, pred/quotes, lament/quotes, short/quotes, mirrorc, index, default.

October 21, 2014


web/news, land/song, ser/wrest, mirrorc, index, default.

June 28, 2014


web/news, fate/song, signal/song, world/song, mirrorc, index, default.

June 25, 2014


web/news, dail/descript, mirrorc, index, default.

June 23, 2014


web/news, air/descript, amp/descript, avon/descript, beast/descript, begin/descript, belong/descript, cauldron/descript, comeout/descript, extend/descript, grove/descript, humpty/descript, kafka/descript, leaf/descript, letgo/descript, loveme/descript, mobius/descript, notthing/descript, odream/descript, pardon/descript, pearl/descript, perform/video, plain/descript, ripout/descript, rome/descript, silence/descript; sglass/quotes, stem/descript, straw/descript, swallow/descript, sword/descript, tolerant/descript, wglass/descript, mirrorc, index, default.

June 14, 2014


web/news, alb/chld/quotes, alb/epi/descript, bnd/success, txt/biblio, babel/descript, bread/quotes, breath/quotes, deaf/quotes, divided/descript, eden/quotes, family/descript, gethsem/quotes, godbleed/descript, godbleed/equip, godbleed/quotes, godbleed/song, greed/song, john/quotes, laid/quotes, lines/quotes, look/quotes, sleep/descript, touch/quotes, mirrorc, index, default.

June 13, 2014


web/news, bnd/art, bnd/artsub, bnd/formats, bnd/secular, bnd/target, ser/create, bey/essay, chld/essay, close/essay, deep/essay, epi/essay, latt/essay, one/essay, pers/essay, pred/essay, shrd/essay, stra/essay, void/essay, mirrorc, index, default.

June 11, 2014


web/news, ser/translist, buk/trans/book, mirrorc, index, default.

Even though the album and song directory lineups were changed years ago, some people still reach the website through now-obsolete links. To aid these people some cross-reference files were created to link to the current location of the information they seek.

These files are as follows:

For Songs - lyric.htm links to song.htm, context.htm links to descript.htm, bkground.htm links to notes.htm, biblio.htm links to quotes.htm, and create.htm links to history.htm.

For Albums - context.htm links to notes.htm, and songs.htm links to album.htm

June 9, 2014


web/news, alb/bey/descript, alb/pred/notes, mai/mailbox, change/song, circus/descript, circus/notes, donner/video, godbleed/descript, greed/video, how/descript, illum/descript, leaf/descript, lonely/notes, odream/descript, perform/video, silence/descript, silver/video, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

June 4, 2014

Uploaded Sonic folder


web/news, bnd/deep, alb/chld/essay, alb/chld/notes, godbleed/descript, light1/song, open/notes, ps91/song, wglass/descript, robots.txt, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

May 30, 2014


web/news, sinai/descript, sinai/quotes, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

May 19, 2014


web/news, ser/wrest, gentle/song, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

February 7, 2014


web/news, demoeye/song, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

January 24, 2014


web/news, finest/descript, finest/notes, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

December 8, 2013


web/news, feel/song, feel/descript, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

October 24, 2013


txt/biblio, web/news, acoustic/song, allnew/song, beast/quotes, believe/song, blckbird/song, crow/song, doless/quotes, dragon/quotes, short/quotes, slime/song, stolen/quotes, thorn/quotes, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

October 23, 2013


ser/wrest, ser/notes, txt/biblio, web/news, architec/song, awake/song, brand/song, genius/song, inmask/song, maskman/song, mean/song, redmoon/song, season/song, strange/song, travelog/song, were/song, wakeup/descript, arise/quotes, asylum/quotes, avalan/quotes, avon/quotes, babel/quotes, begin/quotes, belong/quotes, cauldron/quotes, charlie/quotes, circus/quotes, colt/quotes, comeout/quotes, content/quotes, corner/quotes, curio/quotes, curse/quotes, digdeep/quotes, divided/quotes, fall/quotes, finest/quotes, finger/quotes, fossil/quotes, give/quotes, godbleed/quotes, grove/quotes, hero/quotes, hid2well/quotes, how/quotes, ifhe/quotes, illum/quotes, kafka/quotes, lament/quotes, leaf/quotes, loveme/quotes, madcap/quotes, mary/quotes, mobius/quotes, moreau/quotes, notthing/quotes, odream/quotes, open/quotes, pardon/quotes, perhaps/quotes, ripout/quotes, rome/quotes, secret/quotes, sglass/quotes, signal/quotes, silence/quotes, sinai/quotes, sleep/quotes, solid/quotes, sphere/quotes, stair/quotes, stem/quotes, stone/quotes, straw/quotes, surprise/quotes, things/quotes, thrown/quotes, tolerant/quotes, totem/quotes, trans/quotes, turn/quotes, veil/quotes, wing/quotes, wizard/quotes, years/quotes, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

October 22, 2013


txt/biblio, web/news, curse/quotes, curtain/quotes, finest/quotes, ghost/quotes, mirror/quotes, misasa/quotes, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

October 20, 2013


alb/epi/quotes, alb/one/quotes, alb/shrd/quotes, alb/void/quotes, bnd/name, txt/biblio, web/news, art/quotes, asylum/quotes, expected/song, finest/quotes, sglass/quotes, stair/quotes, swallow/quotes, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

October 19, 2013


txt/biblio, web/news, art/quotes, asylum/quotes, claw/quotes, donner/quotes, finest/quotes, flesh/quotes, misasa/quotes, smoke/quotes, wall/quotes, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

October 16, 2013


txt/biblio, web/news, air/quotes, arise/quotes, avon/quotes, babel/quotes, backroom/quotes, beast/quotes, became/quotes, belong/quotes, caldron/quotes, circus/quotes, content/quotes, curio/quotes, curse/quotes, curtain/quotes, curve/quotes, digdeep/quotes, divided/quotes, draw/quotes, extend/quotes, fall/quotes, family/quotes, fossil/quotes, fourwall/quotes, ghost/quotes, give/descript, give/quotes, give/notes, godbleed/quotes, grove/quotes, hero/quotes, how/quotes, humpty/quotes, ilook/quotes, illum/quotes, leaf/quotes, lonely/quotes, madcap/quotes, medea/quotes, mirror/quotes, moreau/quotes, open/descript, open/quotes, ripout/quotes, secret/quotes, sglass/quotes, silence/quotes, silver/quotes, sinai/quotes, stair/quotes, sword/quotes, tolerant/quotes, turn/quotes, under/descript, under/quotes, veil/quotes, volcano/quotes, wakeup/descript, wakeup/notes, wakeup/quotes, washed/notes, washed/quotes, wglass/quotes, wizard/quotes, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

October 11, 2013


txt/biblio, web/news, ser/wrest, arise/descript, arise/quotes, curio/descript, curtain/descript, curtain/quotes, family/quotes, mirror/descript, mirror/quotes, silver/quotes, silver/descript, things/descript, veil/quotes, veil/descript, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm


October 10, 2013

Created master bibliography page that also serves as the link list for the public domain documents.


txt/biblio, web/web, web/news, ser/material, bey/quotes, chld/quotes, epi/quotes, one/quotes, pers/quotes, mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm

September 30, 2013


mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm, web/news.htm

arise/notes, arise/descript, arise/quotes, wizard/quotes

September 26, 2013


mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm, web/web.htm, web/news.htm

ser/notes, arise/descript, curtain/descript, greed/song, season/song, zion/song


txt, txt/fulltxt, txt/atomic, txt/moby, txt/swann, txt/us_bill, txt/us_const, txt/us_dec, txt/us_inaug

September 25, 2013


mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm, web/news.htm

alb/one/quotes, passtime/song, rainbow/song

September 24, 2013




September 23, 2013


web/news.htm, web/why.htm

epi/quotes, circus/quotes, fossil/quotes, how/quotes, moses/song, veil/song, veil/descript, veil/quotes

September 22, 2013


mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm, web/news.htm

air/quotes, avalan/descript, backroom/descript, believe/song, birdcld/descript, blckbird/song, bubble/song, cat/descript, charlie/descript, charlie/quotes, draw/descript, feel/descript, finger/song, finger/descript, fossil/descript, fossil/song, fossil/quotes, gods/song, hero/descript, hero/quotes, hope/descript, ifhe/descript, ifhe/song, madcap/descript, people/descript, perhaps/descript, sinai/descript, solid/descript, solid/song, sphere/song, sphere/descript, stair/descript, stasis/descript, stone/descript, stone/song, strider/descript, surprise/history, surprise/notes, surprise/descript, surprise/song, things/descript, thrown/descript, thrown/song, totem/descript, totem/song, trans/descript, turn/descript, turn/song, turn/quotes, wing/descript, wing/song, wizard/song, wizard/descript,

September 17, 2013


mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm, web/news.htm

arise/descript, art/descript, asylum/descript, circus/quotes, circus/descript, circus/notes, claw/score, claw/descript, claw/notes, claw/quotes, curve/descript, curse/descript, curse/quotes, divided/descript, donner/descript, finest/descript, finest/quotes, finest/song, finest/video, finest/notes, flesh/song, flesh/descript, give/descript, give/notes, godbleed/descript, greed/song, illum/descript, leaf/descript, mary/descript, medea/descript, odream/descript, open/descript, open/quotes, passtime/song, season/song, silence/descript, smoke/song, smoke/descript, smoke/quotes, wall/descript, wakeup/desript, wakeup/notes, alb/latt/descript, alb/latt/essay, alb/latt/notes, alb/pred/notes

September 16, 2013


mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm, web/news.htm

air/song, air/descript, allnew/song, amp/descript, amp/song, arise/descript, arise/history, arise/notes, arise/quotes, arise/song, art/song, art/video, art/quotes, art/notes, art/history, art/descript, asylum/descript, asylum/song, asylum/video, asylum/quotes, asylum/notes, asylum/history, beast/quotes, became/quotes, circus/quotes, claw/quotes, curse/quotes, donner/quotes, finest/quotes, flesh/quotes, ghost/quotes, grove/song, grove/descript, illum/quotes, minuet/song, minuet/quotes, minuet/notes, minuet/history, minuet/descript, misasa/quotes, perform/song, slime/song, smoke/quotes, veil/quotes, wakeup/quotes, wall/quotes

bnd/name, bnd/target, bnd/art, bnd/artsub, bnd/secular, bnd/formats, bnd/word, bnd/business, bnd/buy, bnd/contact, bnd/crock, bnd/deep, bnd/grock, bnd/ideo, bnd/image, bnd/mission, bnd/name, bnd/novel, bnd/people, ser/create, ser/descript, ser/feedback, ser/material, ser/musics, ser/notes, ser/prayer, ser/quest, ser/songlist, ser/translist, ser/wrest, web/why, web/web, web/linkin, web/linkout, web/feedback, web/descript, web/credits

bey/descript, bey/quotes, chld/essay, chld/notes, chld/descript, chld,quotes, close/notes, close/quotes, deep/quotes, deep/notes, deep/feedback, deep/essay, epi/quotes, epi/notes, epi/descript, latt/quotes, latt/notes, latt/descript, one/quotes, one/descript, pers/notes, pers/essay, pers/descript, pers/quotes, pred/notes, pred/essay, pred/descript, pred/quotes, shrd/descript, shrd/quotes, stra/essay, stra/descript, stra/quotes, void/descript, red/essay, red/appear, red/quotes, red/descript, red/notes


September 11, 2013

mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm, web/news.htm, deep/descript, deep/quotes, deep/notes, pred/quotes, tolerant/descript.htm

September 8, 2013

mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm, web/news.htm, ser/wrest.htm, ser/songlist.htm, ser/material.htm, pardon/descript.htm, backroom/descript.htm

Added: ser/translist.htm, crow, gods, choose, crater, gold, onlyroom, buffoon, brand, receipt, shrap, sonar, strange, world, trigger, skin, rainbow

September 6, 2013

mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm, web/news.htm, minuet, perform

Removed nalaughs that duplicated nature folder. Removed face that duplicated yourface folder.

Took non-Quest folders to only song.htm:
awake, lmosaic, lockdoor, locklost, lost, malign, maskman, mean, morning, mosaic, moses, mud, music, nature, ocean, onemask, ostrich, party, passing, passtime, pit, plains, porkchop, project, ps91, redmoon, redress, rest, sail, sand, season, seed, selfmade, sheart, shield, shot, shoves, slime, snip, spark, spiral, spirits, standarm, star, thrice, travelog, two12003, vain, were, willcome, wisdom, yourface, zion

September 5, 2013

mirrorc.htm, index.htm, default.htm, web/news.htm ser/wrest.htm

Took non-Quest folders to only song.htm:
absurd, acoustic, adventur, allnew, altar, architec, arrive, ash, b4father, bak2lite, before, believe, blckbird, blink, border, borrow, brink, bubble, canyon, cassette, changecom, change, cityline, clothes, cynic, david, deadgame, despair, dinner, disaster, discont, disturb, echo, elect, emerald, empty, encount, every, exhaust, expected, explain, fate, fofather, fold, freak, full, garden, genius, goback, godback, greed, handh2o, hanging, headline, headon, himwhom, hive, hoursday, icono, inmask, island, itouch, joinme, kiss, latch, layer, light1

September 3, 2013

web/news.htm, shot/quotes.htm, bey/quotes.htm, chld/notes.htm, chld/quotes.htm, close/quotes.htm, deep/notes.htm, deep/quotes.htm, epi/notes.htm, epi/quotes.htm, latt/notes.htm, latt/quotes.htm, one/quotes.htm, pers/quotes.htm, pred/notes.htm, pred/quotes.htm, shrd/quotes.htm, stra/quotes.htm, void/video.htm, void/quotes.htm

September 2, 2013

index, default, mirrorc, web, ser, bnd, alb, mai, buk

August 30, 2013

Changed pages: news, index, default, mirrorc

Changed folders:
dragon stolen thorn short doless eden bread gethsem godbleed laid content divided deaf lines babel look touch john breath Trees: alb bnd mai ref ser

August 29, 2013

Changed pages: news, index, default, mirrorc

Changed folders:
perhaps demon digdeep corner colt comeout family loveme finger sleep mary begin hope ripout similar moreau grove stem cat chidream children notthing tolerant silence circus leaf odream birdcld strider dali charlie thin stasis

August 28, 2013

Changed pages: news, index, default, mirrorc

Changed folders:
signal things pearl amp letgo plain people years extend gravity ilook

August 27, 2013

Changed pages: news, index, default, mirrorc

Changed folders:
medea backroom madcap hero rome beast avalan volcano pardon sinai

August 26, 2013

Changed pages: news, index, default, mirrorc

Changed folders:
bubble vision swallow air humpty cauldron sword straw wizard kafka sphere wglass avon how give lament surprise under open secret wakeup washed thrown lonely wing ifhe totem turn solid fossil stone curve sglass belong fourwall mobius hid2well stair trans needle draw feel

August 23, 2013

Changed pages: news, index, default, mirrorc

Changed folders:
pred claw finest flesh misasa smoke ghost became illum curse veil fall curtain silver mirror curio arise

August 19, 2013

Changed pages: news, index, default, mirrorc, book.

Changed files in folders: web, buk, ser, art, asylum, donner, wall, demobank, demoberl, demoblad, democlaw, democoin, demoeye, demofire, demogoat, demohong, demonail, sudeten.
Also changed demo songs to OGG format.

Changed files: cauldron/descript and quote.htm, humpty/descript and quote.htm, kafka/descript, light1/descript, lmosaic/descript, open/descript, perform/descript, sphere/descript, straw/descript, swallow/descript, vision/descript

July 2, 2013

Changed pages: news, index, default, mirrorc, book, notes, sample, feedback, material, musics, notes, prayer, quest, songlist, wrest, Red album page.
Changed Material to read Works on uppermost levels.
Changed to open material door from gif to jpg and says Works.

January 24, 2013

Changed pages: news, index, default, mirrorc, book, notes.
Updated Transapparent references for Second Edition.

March 3, 2012

Changed pages: news, index, default, mirrorc, songlist, quest, one/album.
Changed folder: babel

August 15, 2011

Changed pages: news, index, default, mirrorc, wrest, songlist, quest.

Changed folders: ref, void, one, wizard, straw, sword, kiss, mean, party, minuet,
dragon, stolen, thorn, short, doless, eden, bread, gethsem, godbleed, laid,
content, divided, deaf, lines, babel, look, touch, john, breath.

March 28, 2011

Changed Gravity Well description.

February 23, 2011

Transapparent novel by Roy Stucky now available for sale.

Added Transapparent novel
Added Wrest lyric directories
Update Contact
Update Buy
Update Wrest list
Update Material page
Update Default.htm/MirrorC.htm/Index.htm
Update some Graphic files
Fix text error in Silver Light
Added quote to Time to Turn Around
Added quote to Sinai's Mountain

November 2, 2009

20091102 - modified lyric of Soap Bubble Dream (sng/bubble/song.htm)
20091102 - updated News page with these updates (web/news.htm)
20091102 - updated mirrorc.htm, index.htm, and default.htm revision date
20091102 - updated Stranger album page to set Pardon as 9th and Volcano as 8th song (alb/stra/album.htm)
20091102 - updated alphabetic list for How Can I Do Less addition (ser/songlist.htm)
20091102 - updated series page to add How Can I Do Less as song 4 of One (ser/quest.htm)
20091102 - dropped chorus 2 and last chorus from Sphere of Soul (sng/sphere/song.htm)
20091102 - changed "hansom" to "handsome" in Perhaps Then (sng/perhaps/song.htm)
20091102 - added page heading at bottom of series prayer (ser/prayer.htm)
20091006 - added quote text to Backroom Invitation (sng/backroom/quotes.htm)
20091007 - added text to Thin description (sng/thin/descript.htm)

April 28, 2009

Revised lyric of

April 2, 2009

Added mp3 file to
Eye in the Sky

March 16, 2009

Added mp3 file to
Great Firewall
Online Music Files page.

March 2, 2009

Revisions to
Great Firewall
God Learned to Bleed
Christ Divided
Blind Hand
Babel Rescinded
John 17
Breath of Life
And added How Can I Do Less to the One album

February 26, 2009
New Quest to be Whole Prayer page

February 24, 2009
Revisions to Mary

February 20, 2009
Revisions to Sudetenland

January 7, 2009
Revisions to Lonely Flame

December 26, 2008
Revisions to Donner Party and LA Riot

December 26, 2008
Revisions to Quest to be Whole description

December 26, 2008
Revisions to Quest to be Whole notes

December 19, 2008
Revisions to Ghost of Rome

November 23, 2008
Revisions to Blink from a Tear, Maligned, Not a Thing, and News section of site.

November 12, 2008
Revisions to Finest Hour lyric, Web description, and News section of site.

November 10, 2008
Revisions to Web, Wrest from the Quest, and News section of site.

November 3, 2008
Revisions to Curse of Vision In Hell lyric and description.
Revisions to Circus Wind quotes.

November 2, 2008
Added Volcano and the Sea lyric to the Stranger album.
Corrected several errors in Band section of site.

July 17, 2008
A host of minor changes.

July 4, 2008
First major site update, including several demo songs on the Red album.

June 13, 2008
Website created with minimal content.

September 10, 1998
Little news. We continue to toil in obscurity to prepare the material.

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